Meet the Cannaseurs

Hey! We’re Gagan Gill and Scott Lyons - a pair of Canadians who are passionate about making sustainable wood products for cannabis connoisseurs looking to shed the stoner stigma.

Cannabis is legal in all of Canada, a number of other countries and even in some States. So why’s that potent Dosidos you dropped a pretty penny on still hiding in your closet? Is your favourite scotch in a shoebox under your bed? NO! Put your bud on display! Don’t worry - for those of you with prying kiddos, neighbours, animals(?), we’ve got you covered with locking units to keep unwanted guests out.

We also believe in keeping your finest strains top-notch through optimal storage, maintaining the proper humidity for the good of your flower.

Every single one of our pieces is handmade, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a showstopper that’s been crafted to make your guests, and their brittle bud, envious.

We’re excited about the possibility of getting one of our products into your hands! If you have any questions, or if you’re just looking for recommendations when in Toronto, reach out to us - or We’d be happy to help out!


But say what? This website says the Cannaseur One was designed in Germany. True story. But Canada is our home base. We live in such a global economy now!