Due to the legalization movement and the use of cannabis in medicine, in the last few years the demand of different types of product used for cannabis has increased and has innovated the cannabis industry.When we talk about products used in this sense, we consider both smoking and storage products, so everything is necessary to use, smoke and save cannabis in the perfect way.

Let’s to discover dispensary, storage and smoking products, paying attention to the luxury products. There are many type of different product, so we list here some of the particular ones, in order to show how much of different and luxury object you can find on the market.


Illadelph Glass: Illadelph is a brand of high-end glass water pipes and accessories. The industry creates a quality glass paying attention to every detail in order to provide a fantastic experience to each costumer and with the purpose to sell something special and unique and known for a particular type of coil condensers. In this coil is insert liquid glycerin (the same type that is used for the ice packs) and that allowed to you to put the coil in the freeze and used it when you are ready to smoke. Obviously there are different ranges of price, but the standard one for a coil is around $900. Customers are also able to customize their glass in by size and color. Check the licensed retail stores nearby you!

Another top glass brand is Hitman Glass: this industry produces innovating glass pipes creating unique styles, shapes and functionality. The company works with different glass artists to offer their costumer luxury pieces. There is the first pipe company to filter smoke through text, innovating the water jet cut perc and the hammerhead perc. The real innovation is the size of the recyclers: only 10mil, so very small but pack a punch. The products have a price starting from $250 to $600-770.

Third on the list is: The Herbalizer Vaporizer. Starting from $700 and launched in 2001 has been projected by the NASA Scientist for 4 years and produced by a San Diego vape company. This is a desktop vaporizer, so something you need to keep in your hause. It was engineered to simplify the perception of vaporization and it comes with multiple settings like Aromatherapy and Vaportherapy and you can adjust the temperature to whatever works best for you. You can enjoy herbs in a number of different ways and there is also a convenient storage compartment.


produced by Elevate Accessories that usually design and create an high quality of smoking accessories in order to add a little extra class in their costumers life. The set is a smoking device that includes a Glass One-Hitter and an Herbs Storage Container (can be used with tobacco also) for $99. It is produced in a pocket size, different variety of wood (so in different color) and it has a magnetic closure that give the possibility to keep it in every place. The product is customizable. 


Properly store herbs is fundamental in order to avoid to use dry and flavorless buds that have lost their oomph. All agree with the assumption that there are a large number of factors that contribute to a good smoking experience and we can consider freshness like one of the most important. So, consider and find a good way to storage all the products is very important.


One of the most famous luxury container is the Cannaseur, a walnut and mahogany wood container. The product comes in one size in order to storage up to two different flavors. The product is inspired from a cigar humidor and uses similar technology to keep herbs from losing valuable THC and drying out. Regulate the humidity ensure your bud stays fresh. The price started from $319

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