Don’t you feel relaxed when someone offers you a cup of tea? Of course, after all it always boosts up your body and brain wether it‘s before starting a day or after work. It soothes your mood instantly, gives you a good night’s sleep and is always calorie free. It’s been ages people have been impressed with the benefits that their body can get from tea. There are varieties of tea in the market; for instance Green tea, Mint tea, jasmine tea. And recently markets offer Marijuana Tea too, and of course it is legal !!


Of course it is not smoked as weed to your lungs, but Marijuana tea is just like any other tea with quite a number of health benefits. Marijuana tea is used in many households in India referred as “bhang” and in Jamaica referred as “Ganja tea”. Marijuana teaa can be prepared in home and can be taken as a home remedy as it helps to fight with many diseases. You might be wondering; if it’s made in home, how does it taste? But, the taste of Marijuana tea is similar to any other tea, and the drinker can add milk or sugar according to their taste and preference.


When you hear of Marijuana tea, the name might confuse you, many questions might arise like; is it healthy? how much quantity one should consume? Many researchers have invested their time finding the benefits of Marijuana tea, but amazingly the benefits are quite impressive. One can not imagine that this tea might benefit the human body in such ways. Research has proven that Marijuana tea helps in many ways such as it helps to reduce anxiety of patients as people who are suffering from some disease might have high level of anxiety. It also helps to reduce chronic pain for patients who are fighting with cancer, AIDS, or any multiple sclerosis have intense chronic pain which is unimaginable by normal people. But thankfully Marijuana tea somehow helps and reduces the chronic pain of patients and help them to relax. These patients might keep on losing weight with the immense use of medicines and different treatments like chemotherapy, but again Marijuana tea helps to reduce the nausea and digest and control the appetite which prevents a massive weight loss of a patient. It is also said that it is very good for your eyes as it treats Glaucoma, and also is good for your heart. Besides all these it also helps to decrease the side effect of Hepatitis C, and also improves your lungs. As matter of fact it contains a chemical called therapeutic.

Hanfgarten Hanftee Cannaseur ONE


Nowadays everyone has become very conscious about their health and beauty, and why not, after all when you‘re healthy you can do lot of things in your life. So these days many people are cutting down soft drinks and switching to tea. People who are aware of Marijuana tea are quite happy consumers. The taste might not be very sweet or tasty as other teas, but if it benefits your body in so many ways then a cup of tasteless Marijuana tea is acceptable. You might wonder how to make this tea; the process is normal as other teas. But for a more specific way, the ingredients and recipe is provided below.

Recipe for Marijuana Tea
1/2 gram marijuana leaves
1/2 teaspoon coconut oil or butter
1.5 cups water

Drinkers choice: If you want to add sugar, milk or any other tea bag.


Put 1.5 cups of water into boil, add 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil or butter into water. Side by side grind those 1/2 gram of marijuana leaves or buds, whatever you have. Add those leaves into water and constantly stir it until it boils nicely and gives you good colour. Let’s say boil the water for 30 mins. After, that pour your tea using strainer and your tea is ready. This tea takes 40 to 50 mins to come into effect. It also varies from body to body but generally to completely be stoned it might take 30-50 mins.

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